Product returns
If for any reason you wish to return any of the products you purchased you have the option to do so within 14 days from the date stated on the purchase receipt.
Product returns are accepted as long as they are not damaged, modified or damaged and the labels that come with the product should be exactly as they were when you received it along with the retail receipt.
Communication via email at [email protected] must also precede
If the product you want is not available, your money will be refunded, otherwise the purchase amount will be credited to your account and you can use it in your next order.
In case of return of a product, the cost of return is borne by the customer, while if you choose to replace it with another product of your choice, the cost of resending is borne entirely by

Defective products
In case you find that the product you received has a defect, you have the right to return it by informing us either by phone at +30 6948223867, or by email at [email protected].
In case of return of the product and after we find out that you owe the mistake to the manufacturer, we undertake, following your wish, either its replacement or your refund, which will take place within 14 days from the date we receive the product.
For this reason, when delivering the order, it is good to check the condition of the products and their intact packaging, in order to detect any obvious defects. has no warranty policy. We are not responsible for any damage that may occur from normal wear, misuse and damage when removing the labels.
For the return of a defective product, the return cost is borne by

Liability Disclaimer
For any destruction of the products during this work, our store does not bear any responsibility, direct or indirect, for any damage that may occur to anyone from the use of its website and / or information contained therein, regardless of whether the information is provided by our store. We make every effort to ensure that the contents of the store are as safe and error-free as possible, however in no case do we fully guarantee the accuracy and correctness of the data / information contained. In any case, the user is solely responsible for evaluating and acting accordingly. If you do not feel confident and believe that you will cause further damage, contact the person in charge to serve or assist you.